Be a Champion

Be an H2O Champion

Commit to lowering your water footprint and spread the word about water conservation. Print, sign and display the certificate below to show you’ve made a pledge to change how you’ll conserve water at home, school, work and anywhere else the road takes you in Kansas.

Your Commitment

Take the Pledge

I pledge to make positive changes in my everyday life to affect my overall water footprint. Download the printable certificate below to serve as a daily reminder.

Share your Commitment

Share your pledge on social media. Don’t forget to include #KansasRunsOnWater to your post.

Inspire Others

Share tips and discuss your own personal water conservation plans with friends and family.

Take the Pledge

Pledge to Kansas Water.

Download the pledge certificate below and print out at home. Write in your name and display proudly for a reminder to you and others of your commitment to the future of Kansas water. 


Share your commitment.

Post the Kansas Water Pledge to your profile by clicking one of the share buttons below:

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Follow these steps to add a frame to your Facebook profile image:

  • 1. Log in to your Facebook Account
  • 2. Click on your profile picture and select “Update”
  • 3. Select “Add Frame”
  • 4. Search for “KansasRunsOnWater”
  • 5. Select the profile picture frame
  • 6. Click “Use as Profile Picture” to save

And don’t forget #KansasRunsOnWater