The State of Water

The high value of water in Kansas is widely recognized at all levels of government as well as by a number of stakeholder groups and the general public. Additional action at the local, state, and federal level is necessary to ensure future generations of Kansans have a safe, reliable source of water to fuel our state’s growth.

How is the Government Doing its Part?

The Kansas Water Plan and the State Water Plan Fund are two of the primary tools used by the State of Kansas to address current water resource issues for future needs. The Kansas Water Office, in coordination with local, state, federal and interstate partners updates the Kansas Water Plan every 5 years. Water resource issues addressed in the Kansas Water Plan extend beyond water supply and include goals and priorities such as improving our state’s water quality and improving recreational opportunities available to our citizens.

Funding from the State Water Plan Fund helps to provide technical and financial support to address priority water resource issues in Kansas identified through the Kansas Water Plan development process.



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