Improving Water Quality

Fresh, clean water for years to come

Imagine your favorite fishing spot, covered in a shimmering glaze of oil and industrial chemicals. Or the lake where you’ve taken the boat every summer for years filled with debris you must navigate around to avoid collisions. Or a cold glass of water that, instead of refreshing you, is filled with harmful bacteria.

Below you will find some helpful (and easy) tips for making sure that you, your children and their children enjoy fresh, clean water for years to come.

At Home

  1. Properly dispose of detergents, paints, oils and other chemicals to prevent them from going down the drain.
  2. Do not flush baby wipes or other non-biodegradable items down the toilet. This includes any expired or unneeded medication. These all end up anywhere your water feeds into.
  3. Keep your car in tip-top shape. Leaking fluids like antifreeze and coolant will soak into groundwater or flow down storm drains.

In the Yard

  1. Pick up after your pet. Bacteria found in animal waste ends up running down into storm drains. Use biodegradable bags and toss in the trash.
  2. Consider landscaping that prevents runoff. Gravel and rocks will increase filtration and even conserve water. Win-win.
  3. If you have a lawn, avoid using harmful pesticides or herbicides. Even better, when combating weeds use regular household vinegar or boiling water.
  4. Overfertilizing and fertilizing your lawn just prior to a rain event leads to an excess of chemicals entering our water system. Avoid adding fertilizer to your lawn prior to any precipitation.



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